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if u go to: u can see 4 pictures
below each other but they should be 2 and 2. The table has a with of 749px
and the pictures have a width of 362px and as far as i calculate, should
there be to beside eaxch other, two rows with two pictures cause
2x362=724px hm, can anyone help me please? Thank you!
chEErs roN

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Re: html table prolem

roN wrote:

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The width of your td is too small. You have it set to 651(px). but why set
this width at all? there is only one td in the tr.  remove the width, and
it may work.

Probably easier to do this sort of stuff wiothout tables too.

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Re: html table prolem

roN wrote...
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The table code seems a bit of a mess. For a start you have all four of
those images inside the same table cell. If you are going to use tables
for layout, and there are some who would say you shouldn't, you could be
sure to make the images line up as you want by putting each one into a
separate <td> cell, with two <td> cells to a <tr> row.

Secondly, the cell in which you have the four images specifies a width
of only 651 pixels <td width="651" rowspan="3"> which means for sure
that two 362 pixels wide images won't fit side by side. Also, that is
the only <td> cell in that <tr> row, so you should add colspan="2" so
that it matches the rows above. Errors like that could prevent the page
appearing at all in some browsers.

Why specify widths for the table or cells? Why not use a percentage of
the page width and of the table width?

E.g. <table width="90%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
Martin Clark

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