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I have created an html select element which contains optgroups and options.
An option when selected will link to a new html page in a new window.

Now my problem is formatting this select element.
I have an external style sheet and I want to position this element in the
top right hand corner of my page:

Style sheet code:

    background: #ffffcc none no-repeat fixed top right;
    size: 1;

HTML code:
<SELECT class="RadioOptions"

Now when I do this the select element appears in the top left hand side of
my canvas. Now I have tried other alignment options
align: right
vertical-alignment: right
but still no joy.

Has anybody any ideas?


Re: HTML + IE 6

Thanks for your help with this.
From my original post  I noticed I had a few typos.
As both of you said the size attribute should not appear in the style sheet
(My mistake) and also vertical-align  is the what i should have had instead
of vertical-alignment.

This problem was solved as follows: First of all the select element, I
believe is not a block element. So to get around this I put the select
element in a div block and applied text-align: right to this div block. This
sorted out my problem.

Thanks again.

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