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Here I find only solutions with Java and Flash.
Can it be done aswell with a lot of frames assigning each one a
background sound?
Or with CSS, ... etc.?

[There must be some kind of way out of here]

Re: html piano

In article

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You are not likely to be able to play the piano on frames or on a page
made by a person as skilled in HTML and CSS as Chopin was skilled as a
pianist and composer until

1. HTML 17

2. CSS 12


3. A fast quantum computer.

comes along.

But please, this is just a wild guess.


Re: html piano

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I don't have any skills to cork a midi piano with the PC and assign
the data to the css <div>s.
If I had I could provide [after some ages] a zip file with html pages
referring to thousands of sounds. [wait stop! - that's enough!]
I just ask to get a simple piano without flash and without java.

To tell the truth: I am too lazy to search for the infos and want to
claim attention aswell (o;
No *jokingly* sorry - but at least I did not find a real html piano.
And believe me: The whole mess with those financial crises derives
from deprication of good ideas, material and spiritual values during
the history of html.
Means: I don't have to buy any small keyboard to listen to simple
single sounds if I get my html piano. => some tags and code would
please my desire.
Good night - hey - it's already 10:30 am. - I have to drink coffee.

PS: There are some programmers and writers who don't have any idea of
proper typewriting.
They only use there forefingers.

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