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I found an article about HTML overlays and found it perfect for my
needs. Unfortunately, it remains a novel approach; hence my internet
searches return little information about the technique. My execution
faired marginally well. I humbly ask for input about my
implementation. Comments will help me to get the navigation approach
and html overlay working right.

You may review my implementation at the following link.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: My project aims at creating a document template
and navigation approach for my computing notes. These web pages are
for personal usage and will reside on an external hard drive. I will
use these documents to help me remember key computing idiosyncrasies.
These documents number 100+. The CSS style sheet allows me to have a
consistent format and allow me to update formatting for all documents
at once. The HTML overlay will allow me to update an external xml file
with the menu structure and file locations; instead of using frame or
iframes. The documents should be primarily viewable on Firefox; and
not have any platform specific needs.  Thus server side processing
like PHP is not desirable. All processing should be client based.

Re: HTML overlays

Robert wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You have an error on line 4 of this file:

First you should replace "<HTMLoverlay/>" with "<HTMLoverlay>" and then
add this at the very end of the file: </HTMLoverlay>.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: HTML overlays

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 07:35:30 +0000, Toby Inkster

Quoted text here. Click to load it


You're a genius. It worked like you said. I thought that nobody would
have the faintest idea about HTML overlays. Thanks for your time.


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