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I have a php program that is building a grid (HTML table) from a MySQL
database. The problems started when I added a dropdown menu to the grid and
when I did the form buttons would not work when there were a few values in
the drop-down. If I removed the values so it was an empty drop-down menu the
form buttons would work. I thought there was a problem with my drop-down
which is a quite simple menu.

However, what I discovered is that it has to do with the size of the table
that I am building. I changed the query so that it would only pick up about
1/2 the records (134 vs 248) which is where it works (the 135th record
causes the buttons to quit working. It is not a data problem because I then
tested with a different set of data and it would also fail but at a
different spot.

I must be running into some kind of memory limit but I have no idea what it
is!  Can someone help?


Re: HTML Memory Limit?? says...
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You've done exactly the right thing.  You've asked for help without
providing a link to your code.


Hywel /

Re: HTML Memory Limit??

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Even better, he a multiposted to a php newsgroup with a similar subject
line ;-) They're working out the bugs there.



Re: HTML Memory Limit??

My appologies to the group for double posting!

This was really a question and I didn't think that it was problem with the
code which is why I didn't post code. After posting to the php group I
thought the HTML group may be a better place to ask the question so I posted
here as well.



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