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I have created a simple frames page layout, with the page split
horizontally in two pages.

In my resolution of 1280 x 1024 the site shows no scrollbars as the
scrolling is set to Default "Auto". However... as I reduce the height
of the browser window... as soon as it hits the link text a horizontal
scrollbar appears for no apparent reason. I expect the vertical
scrollbar, but not a horizontal one. Take a look here:

Can anybody tell me what is causing the browser to scroll horizontally
in this case?

Many thanks for any help,


Re: HTML Frameset... Unwanted scrollbar... (GoogleSher) wrote:

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Oh dear.

Only in IE.

Your frameset page contains a doctype that triggers standards mode. In
standards mode IE always shows either no scrollbars or both scrollars
for frames. Switch to a doctype that triggers quirks mode or better
yet ditch the frames.

<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong><font
color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;LINK 2</font></strong></font></p>

What sort of code is that meant to be? Retro 1996 nostalgia?


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Re: HTML Frameset... Unwanted scrollbar... says...
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I see Steve has already answered this.

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If I were you I'd drop the frames altogether and get a decent HTML
tutorial.  The code you're producing is rather bad.  I appreciate that
you may be new to HTML, but now's the time to start looking at getting
your code correct.

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