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I need a Input field where a PIN number is entered. Then this Pin should be
sent to my Application and it should be embedded into a few different <XML>
Tags. How can I do this? Is there a String concatenation possible in HTML? I
need to submit my Pin in the following format
....<enteredPIN>1234</enderedPin> whereas 1234 is my Input in the INputfield

Someone an idea. Hope there is an easy way i dont wanna use Javascript


Re: HTML Formular question

You've multi-posted this to at least two different groups. That's not
a good idea -

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ASP, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, JSP, etc., etc.

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No, HTML doesn't do anything. It's a markup language not a programming

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Okay, whatever script on your server is handling the input from your
form simply needs to write that into whatever files or databases you
want your results in.

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Quite right, you want a solution that will always work.


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