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Re: html for email

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Which, the SA team or the Aussie team?

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Re: html for email

Tim Streater wrote:
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Get use to seeing more from the PXFMCDH crowd.
(Pry XP From My Cold Dead Hands)

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Re: html for email

On Sun, 02 Feb 2014 09:52:58 -0500, Jeff Thies wrote:
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Your initial query was "What is the current state of affairs with  
html emails?" That is a general question, and I and others answered  
it as such.

You could have said, "my client has specifically requested HTML  
email" _and_ asked a specific question.  In light of your later  
comments, I guess you and some question about formatting, or MIME  
type, or something, but you gave us no clue to your actual question  
when you posted initially.

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Re: html for email

On 2/2/2014 6:15 PM, Stan Brown wrote:
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And then I said:

Last that I remember, Outlook had trouble with floats, external  
stylesheets and quite a bit else.

It looks to me that <link rel="stylesheet" is now relatively safe to  
use, but floats and inline-blocks are a no. So, tables...

Is this about right?

That seemed fairly specific to me. Almost every online shop, in fact  
every one I know of, sends HTML emails.

Some times you have to move along. It seems to me that no one here knows  
anything about how to format an email and get Outlook to grok it. I've  
found the MailChimp guides...

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html and eml rules not the Some

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  name=GENERATOR  content=MSHTML

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  Most of e-mail clients limited to offline Viewing
       Is why there is a limited to CSS support
            or not at all if its a online CSS file

               <Style> is OK in the EML file
                        But you are limited
                                  Be it to
                                File Sides

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                 Mean HTML Style Support

Re: html for email

Jukka K. Korpela wrote, on 01st Feb. 2014 23:26 UTC + 2 :
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Well, they have the solution of writing a web site, and sending a few  
lines by mail to explain why he did that and what they can find in it.

Supposing the destinee is interested in the topic, he will for sure go  
and see, if he has no reason to be wary of malicious software.

Of course this is for general situation, when you send mails outside to  
people you do not know that much (this considered to a vast extent, and  
you would surely include your neighbour and your mother-in-law).

If Jeff's client asked him a software to exchange rich contents inside  
an organization, for reasons the boss has defined, this is a different  

Re: html for email

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Michael Vilian mentioned MTA SPAM filters targeting HTML email and  
sending to the Spam folder, or even rejecting it outright.

I recently had this very issue, and was able to solve it by:

1. Make sure there is an SPF record, and that it's written correctly.
2. Make sure there is a signature with the name of the organization  
sending the email out
3. Make sure that the email address sending the mail actually has a  
mailbox capable of receiving mail.  Some MTA's, like Google, will try to  
send an email to the sender, and if there is no mailbox, it will be  
marked as Spam.  This is not the same thing as relaying.
4. Don't include images

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