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Re: HTML Email

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This would be if Content-Type is missing.  When MIME-Version is missing,
you may assume US-ASCII text, but Content-Type is present to indicate
sender's intention.

    rfc2045 -- section 4 (MIME-Version) and 5 (Content-Type).

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Re: HTML Email

William Park wrote:
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From your own reference:
| Messages composed in accordance with this document MUST include such
| a header field, with the following verbatim text:
|   MIME-Version: 1.0

| Note that the MIME-Version header field is required at the top level
| of a message.

The behaviour of the "Content-Type" header in messages is only defined in
the MIME RFCs. The MIME RFCs mandate the use of the "MIME-Version" header.
Thus the behaviour of the "Content-Type" header is undefined when no
"MIME-Version" header is present.

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