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I am experienced in HTML, and have been futzing around with various raw-cdoe
editing problems.

I like some of the featueres of Coffee Cup, but their Preview toggle takes
forever to display. No programmable hot keys, either, which feature I enjoy
in, say, HTML-Kit, whicbh has no Explorer Bar (dropping in images is too
time-consuming), for instance).

I realize Notepad gets it done, but I like the color-coding that a decent
HTML editor brings to the table, plus snippets and the like.

I don't need any WYSIWIG bullsh&t or stupid "table builders," just a
semi-featured app that is somewhat customizable.

Any reccos out there?

Ace in CT

Re: HTML Editor Recommendations

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Crimson editor.

Better yet, Crimson editor on one screen and <your favourite browser[s]> on
your second screen. Edit->save->refresh.

Re: HTML Editor Recommendations

Timothy Ace Holleran wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I use Edit Pad Pro as my default text editor.  There is also a free
"lite" version.

Ed Mullen

Re: HTML Editor Recommendations

Look at Notetab Pro ( or PSPad ( Both of them
allow for extended clips to be saved and re-used. Notetab can save clips in
libraries so you can save clips by theme, purpose, whatever.

Notetab allows for interactive macros as well. Combined with text
substitution you can slap together a page in short order.

I think PSPad has similar capabilities but it's not as elegant to use as
Notetab IMO.

Neither has a preview capability though. For that, you'd have to open the
file in a browser and go to "live update."


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