HTML CSS layers problem

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In this page when you click enable flash it replaces the flash with an

I would like the div#download to sit on top of the flash or the image -
which ever is showing. At the moment the Flash and the image appear below

How can I achieve this?



Re: HTML CSS layers problem

The page shouldn't refresh when you click the link also, how do I get around



Re: HTML CSS layers problem

Quoted text here. Click to load it

At a glance, i asume you want the movie to sit higher up the page so
it overlaps with the other images etc. including your download div.

To make the div sit over anything it will need to be positioned
absolute with CSS. You could try relative positioning with negative
numbers but i can see that running into problems with different
browsers like FireFox and Opera.

The problem with absolute positioning a div in this situation is that
its actual screen position will change with different users screen
resolutions. You can get around this with some javascript that
positions the div based on the available screen space. If your site is
left aligned (as it looks) then its not so much of an issue.

Set the CSS style tag of the div with:

Where you replace @@ with the number of pixels you want to place the
div at.

You can put a container div around all the divs you want to 'hover' if
you want to keep those in the same relative positions.

Is this what you were trying to achieve?


Re: HTML CSS layers problem

On Jul 2, 8:28=A0pm, wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

One other thing.... the wmode paramter of your flash movie will need
to be set to transparent for this to work correctly.

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