HTML Colored Text Into Photoshop Intact?

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There is a web based program that turns images into a text version of
the image. Each letter is a different color that corresponds with the
original image color. I can get the text off the page, but it doesn't
retain the color info. They only way I can use it is to do a screen
dump. I want to do a really large image though, and to piece together
all those dumps would be too hard.

Is there any way to do a dump of just not just what's on the screen,
but the buffer too, to get all the text with color info off the page?
Would InDesign or Quark, or Illustrator do it, if text with color info
is pasted into them? What about an HTML authoring program? Would that
convert it to an image, and keep the color pasted?

The site is /. Would really appreciate any
help! Thanks!

Re: HTML Colored Text Into Photoshop Intact?

In article wrote:

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The colour information is in the source code. As it happens, in
this case, they are using <font color=...>.

You want to "do a really large image though..."? What does this
exactly mean? What do you want to do with whatever you want to
"do"? To print it big? To turn it into just a picture as in jpg?

If it is printing you want, you print the webpage on a big
printer. If it is a jpg or png or tiff or psd you want, you get
the biggest screen you can and screen shot and piece together, it
is not hard and if you need help doing it, write to me direct.

Ilustrator etc will not help you.


Re: HTML Colored Text Into Photoshop Intact? wrote:
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There is some funny business going on if you try to save the image to a
file. You get a pic2.html.cgi.html file that gives the image if you
double click it. However you also get an uninvited guest directory that
contains goodies such as ads.html, show_ads.js, and a logo. If you view
the image file, it is a bit washed out. If you remove the funny
directory, it also removes the image file. I deleted all of this mess
and ran virus and adware scans to make certain the application had not
given me some other uninvited files. I was able to capture the image
fairly well from the screen using Gadwin PrintScreen. I am not going to
return to this site and try to find out exactly what it is doing. I
don't trust it after finding that uninvited directory.

Re: HTML Colored Text Into Photoshop Intact?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That site uses some of the crudest rendering I've seen so far.
A few years ago I found one program that renders better ascii art in html
using the [] shortcut method.
Drawback to it is detail isn't as good as that site's output is. Depends on
the image too I guess.
I don't seem to have it on my laptop but have it on another drive somewhere.
I only recall that it was available from an australian website and featured
the face of "Arnie Schwazeneger".
If I can find it, I'll post it.

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