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Here is an HTML Color Chart for your usage:

It contains a pallete of neutral colors, as well as a large,
general-purpose pallete.  The difference between this one and many
others on the Internet is that it is formatted in a long vertical
table.  This way, you can narrow the browser window with the pallete
next to your design, and pick out colors that appeal.

Re: HTML Color Chart

I like the look of it, but the text colour needs changing on some of them -
can't read name or hex code.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: HTML Color Chart

Yes, you're right.  It looks much better when all the names and codes
are readable.  Here is the formula I used for determining a text color
for each background color, in case you're interested.

// In PHP
// translate a background color like #ff00ff to a readable
// text color of white or black based on a formula
function getReadableTextColor($hexcolor)
    if(substr($hexcolor,0,1) == "#") {
        $hexcolor = substr($hexcolor, 1, 6);
    $red = hexdec(substr($hexcolor, 0, 2));
    $green = hexdec(substr($hexcolor, 2, 2));
    $blue = hexdec(substr($hexcolor, 4, 2));
    if($red + $green + $blue > 382) {
        return "black";
    return "white";

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