HTML-code \input (NOT FORM!)

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Hi, I have to add in dozens of HTML pages a sequenz of HTML code, that I
have to change very often. So I do not want to insert the sequenz in
every HTML page directly!

How can I do this?

(Like in LaTeX the \input command:
The \input command causes the indicated file to be read and processed,
exactly as if its contents had been inserted in the current file at that
point. The file name may be a complete file name with extension or just
a first name, in which case the file file.tex is used.)

Thank you!


Re: HTML-code \input (NOT FORM!)

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 15:02:26 +0200, Hans Dietmar Jaeger wrote:

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look into SSI.  Or an actual server-side scripting language such as PHP,
ASP, Perl, etc. (Apache-specific example) /


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Re: HTML-code \input (NOT FORM!)

Hans Dietmar Jaeger wrote:
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Re: HTML-code \input (NOT FORM!)

David Dorward wrote:
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That was a good hint (because I do not have access to PHP, ASP, the
Apache etc. of my service provider):


Using the OBJECT tag with a type attribute of text/html will give
similar results to an IFRAME, but will be valid in Strict (X)HTML as
well. Support for OBJECT is very bad in older browsers [NS 4.x, Mozilla
1998/1999, MS 5.0 beta], so this method is best used only in controlled
conditions where the browsing environment can be known with certainty."

Thank you, David!


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