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I generate html reports.  Is there a limit to the file size that IE or
Firefox can handle being send to then from my webserver application.

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The largest HTML file I've opened with Firefox was 22M (all HTML, no
images); I suspect it can handle larger but I really don't know. That
said, the technical limit of these browsers is probably higher than the
*practical* limit. Do you think your users want to open gigantic HTML
files that eat up all of the memory in the computer and tax the browser
so much that scrolling around in them is like wading through taffy? If
it stresses the browser, it will probably also annoy your users.

If you have reports that are potentially so large I encourage you to
consider breaking them up into more manageable chunks.

Sorry for not answering your question directly. =)

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Thank you, your answer is spot on and I agree 100%.

Re: HTML Browser File Limit

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And that was a short, three line document created with Microsoft Publisher. ;-)

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It basically depends on the amount of available RAM and the power of the
processor. I doubt there is much difference between browsers. If you are
going to have very large files avoid the arbitrarily large nesting of

Project Gutenberg appears to go up to around 6M. That might be an
indicator of a reasonable upper limit.
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