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I've got a webpage generated by a PHP script.  General flow is:

Start page print some stuff and flush();

setup a loop (about 40x)
   start an external process output results to file(s)

setup second loop counting ext procs
   sleep 1
      echo "There are ## left to do."
repeat until count = 0

process ext files
display results on screen
Ok, where I'm waiting for the count to go to 0 I would like to display a
  counter, ie:
"There are 26 left"
"There are 22 left"
"There are 17 left"
Warm fuzzies for the user that he "will" get an answer ... some day :-D
Only I'd like to just make the number change with out a newline - ^H
doesn't work.  printf ("^H^H^H^H%4d", cnt)


Re: HTML backspace

Cal Lidderdale wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

print "<p>There are <input id=\"foo\"> processes left.</p>";
while ($n = countProcesses())
    print "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n;
    print "document.getElementById('foo').value = ;\n";
    print "</script>\n";

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