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I am writing a platform independent (i.e. java) word processor application.
I have decided that in keeping this truly platform-independent, I should use
html as the format for my documents.

However, I am wondering how to handle margins in html? How is it determined
where, say, the right edge of a document is? How do you determine a tab? How
do you justfiy left/righ/center for text?

Thanks in advance for your input, Ike

Re: html as word-processor format

Ike said...

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sun java on XP is a huge slow piece of crap. the poor little CPU poos
itself. its not practical.

and MSVM is kaput in a big way

i recommend you use a different language.

09/October/2003 03:06:41 pm

Re: html as word-processor format says...
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Wouldn't XML be a better bet?

Hywel     I do not eat quiche /

Re: html as word-processor format

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That's fine if your processor can produce valid and meaningful HTML
_and_ CSS that corresponds to the desired visual formatting in at least
some ways, _if_ the visual formatting has any importance. Provided,
of course, that the implementation technology is suitable for the

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You don't, of course.

Sorry to say, but your question reflects fundamental misunderstanding
of the nature of HTML, in a manner that is most essential in your
project. So it does not help to settle down just this issue.

But ignorance is curable. I suggest that you start studying the basics
of both HTML and CSS, using some good resources; see some suggestions
of mine at and

Yucca, /
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