href target Is Not Working In JS Generated Popup Window

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Hello gurus! I am not a javascript person, so I hope there is a simple
answer / solution to this problem I'm having.  I'm xposting this to the
HTML group, if perhaps this is an HTML issue.

I have a java applet which allows interaction through javascript. For
example, I can click a point on the applet and a new window will open
containing information about the point I clicked on.  The information is
gathered via javascript & displayed in the pop-up window.

I have two href tags being displayed in the pop-up window.  They look
like this:

rec.getId()+");'>On Map</a></td><td><a
target=\"_blank\"'>Detailed Information</a></td>

The second one is the one I'm having a problem with.  I wish to have
that link open in a *NEW* window (not the pop-up window, nor the
original window with the java applet).  Regardless of what target I set
(e.g., _blank, _top, _new), the link always opens in the pop-up window.
  I can set <base target="_blank"> in the head section of my HTML
(pop-up window), and that fixes the problem - however, it screws up the
first link which still needs to interact with the java applet window.

What can I do?  I just want that one little link to open in a new window.

Thanks for your help.

Re: href target Is Not Working In JS Generated Popup Window

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think that this is a matter of displaced quotes.

Try this:

rec.getId()+");'>On Map</a></td><td><a
" target=\"_blank\">Detailed Information</a></td>


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