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A day or two ago I learned that my old web page, one that I'd created
years ago for a Seattle support group I belong to, was showing its age
and not displaying properly in Safari.

So I decided to redirect hits from my page to a new page created by
another member of my support group.

Trouble is, the new page is kind of confusing, and folks are now
saying they want the old page back, glitches and all.  But now I can't
figure out how to undo the redirection.

Here's how I set up the redirection in the first place:

1. I Googled and found a web page that gave me instructions for how to
set up a redirection :

2. I started by renaming my original index.html file to Index_Old.html

3. Then I created a new blank index.html file and pasted into it the
code that  I had found on that Tips web page.

4.  I saved this new index.html file and from then on, whenever I
clicked on my old URL, I got redirected to the new page created by my
fellow group member.

So far so good.

So, I thought that it would be just as simple to undo the redirection
by just reversing the steps.  So here's what I did to try to undo the

5.  First I renamed the index.html file, the one containing the
redirection code, to Index_Redirect.html.

6.  Then, I renamed my Index_Old.hmtl file back to it's orginal name
of index.html.

You'd think that would have put everything back the way it was, right?

But no!

Now, when I click on my old URL, I still get redirected to the my
associates new web page.

Where is that redirection command coming from?

I even deleted the file name Index_Redirect.html, the file containing
that redirection code, but I still get redirected.

It's like I've somehow installed a poltergeist inside my computer.

Here's the URL of my original web page: /

If you look at the page you should see a generic GeoCities background
template in orange that says in the upper left corner of the window:
"Join Our Support Group" in yellow letters.

But instead you'll be redirected to the page at: /

that has a large dark rectangular graphic at the top with purplish
blue lettering reading "Seattle CFS and Fibro"

What's interesting though, is that even though the page you're looking
at is the new page at: /

The URL displayed in the little address window at the top of the
browser is the URL of my old web page: /

(The URLs are so similar as to appear nearly identical.  The
difference is that the new URL for the page created by my associate
has added the words "andfibro" to "seattlecfs" at the end.   So my
page ends with just"seattlecfs/" but his page ends with

And, interstingly,  the browser tab in FireFox says on it "I moved!!!"
instead of "SeattleCFS Support Group Home Page" as it used to say.

If I add "index.html" to my old URL, like this:

Then my browser takes me to my old page.

But if I leave off the "index.html" then it takes me to the new page.

Maybe I've given you way too much information.

So, I'll stop here, and wait to see if you guys can help me sort this
mess out.

Fingers crossed in Seattle


In article
m>, wrote:

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Instead? Instead of what? I look at your first url and nothing
but the page is there and it remains there.

For the moment, please put in a no-repeat on your background
image. I suspect we will be looking at this fine piece of work
for a while <g>.

Seriously, this one < is
only something to be 'very critical' (to put it mildly) of in
here. Out there, in the real world, most people would be happy


Re: How to UNDO REDIRECTION? wrote:
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Delete your cookies and temp Internet files.  Set Browser to reload
page on each visit.


Quoted text here. Click to load it


Everything seems to be back to normal how.


My visitor counter used to show 11,000+ hits.

Now it shows only 12.

Is that an irreversible consequence of my having renamed my index.html
file and then having renamed it back again?

Re: How to UNDO REDIRECTION? wrote:
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Depends on the counter.  Check to see if you can specify an initial
value for the counter -- e.g. 11,000 -- which would get added to the
current count.

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