How to put a not new-lined table after nbsp

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Hi all.
I working in a framework that let me programmatically insert html into
some dynamic pages. I cannot modify the framework in anyway.

The problem is that i have a situation where there's a &nbsp put by
the framework before a table of mine

[something else...] &nbsp <table name=mytable> </table> [something

i want my table not to go on a newline.
I cannot put anything at all before the &nbsp, but i can put whatever
i want after it.
How can i accomplish that?

Re: How to put a not new-lined table after nbsp

ennio wrote:

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Then you should report the problem to the person or organization that is
responsible for the "framework", whatever it is.

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Well, that's a problem _in the framework_, not in your code. So you should
first try to have the problem fixed where it is, before considering a
workaround (which might strike back the day when the real problem is fixed -
you might e.g. use a trick to reduce an assumed empty vertical space, and
what happens when the space is not there?).

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(BTW, it should be &nbsp; and not &nbsp although the latter is, in this
context, formally valid in "classic HTML". But of course one should not use
&nbsp; for vertical spacing in the first place.)

Huh? Tables are block level elements by default, and you are not supposed to
try to change this except in rather special circumstances. _How_ should
things work when a table appears "inline"? URL, please. (You should have
posted a URL anyway.)

Besides, &nbsp; does _not_ cause a newline. Its basic meaning is actually
something completely different: it is meant to _prevent_ line breaks. In
this context it won't, but neither does it _cause_ a line break.

Or do you actually mean something completely different, namely removing the
"empty line" before the table? In that case, you _could_ do tricks like
<table ... style="margin-top: -1em">
but don't: they will strike back if the original problem is fixed. (Striking
back means that the start of the table will overstrike the end of the
content before it.)

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_Somebody_ can and should fix the &nbsp issue.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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