How to prevent line break ?

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Hi all,

I have something like this: "This is a quote"

Now I want the quotation marks to be a little larger:

<span class="quote>&bdquo;</span>This is a quote<span

My problem is now that the last quotation mark sometimes gets a
linebreak making it standing alone on the next line which - of course
- looks ugly.

Can I somehow glue it to the last word in the sentence ?


Re: How to prevent line break ?

thogra wrote:

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Adding a "zero-width non-breaking space" character between the word
and the quote mark should do the trick, but it's not supported in Internet

You could add <nobr>...</nobr> around the last word and quote mark, but
this will stop your HTML for validating, as <nobr>, despite being widely
supported, was never standardised. If validating your document is
important to you, you could always create a custom DOCTYPE.

The final option is to use something like <span class="nobr">...</span>
instead of <nobr>...</nobr> and define a style like:

    .nobr { white-space: nowrap; }

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Re: How to prevent line break ?

Scripsit thogra:

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But what's the _exact_ thing you have? URL?

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Why? In any decent font, quotation marks have been designed to match the
design of letters, and in indecent fonts, their _shape_ is wrong anyway.
Thus, select a suitable list of _fonts_, if you are worried about quotation
mark appearance. For example, don't use Verdana.

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Which quotes are you actually using? Surely not English-style quotes. And
not really German-style either. Even Duden's pages use wrong characters, but
the correct closing quotation mark for German is &ldquo; and not &rdquo;
(note that the _names_ of the characters are misleading and reflect English
usage). This is relevant, since different quotes have different line
breaking behavior.

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Please post a URL and specify the browser(s) tested.

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If you are really using &rdquo; as a closing quote, you should not have
problems with line breaks. But if you actually use &ldquo;, as you might
need in several languages, then you can use

&bdquo;This is a <nobr>quote&ldquo;</nobr><wbr>

The <wbr> allows an immediate line break after &ldquo;, and this might be
useful, since some browsers don't break there automatically (since they
assume, so to say, that everyone uses &ldquo; as an _opening_ quotation
mark). Specifically, if the closing quotation mark is followed by a space
and an opening parenthesis "(" or "[", IE will not divide the text into
lines so that the parenthetic expression starts on a new line.

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