How to play mp3 on web?

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The subject is known but on Google it gives on first hit articles from
year 2006.

What is simple and neat amd (c) is not important - meanning: if they
want to d/load my stuff, thay can. That is not an issue.

The issue is - what to use?

Help please...

Link to something simple and... latest...


Re: How to play mp3 on web?

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On a Mac, it is easy. You download the MP3 and can play it in the
Finder soon as you see it in Column view. Literally, in the
column to the right of the file comes a player bar... As to other
ways, many programs will play MP3s, from Quicktie to even
dragging the thing over an open browser window (if the browser
has the right plugins, Quicktime mostly for me)


Re: How to play mp3 on web?

dorayme wrote:
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I've used freebie flash-based mp3 players in the past with good results.

E.g. (not necessarily mine):

Look at the plugin, not the song :)

No doubt you will find later versions of free flash mp3 players.

It works in just about every browser (for those with flash, which is almost
everybody), on every platform regardless of whether or not they have the
evil (ducks, but they *are* evil, thanks to their distribution licence)
quicktime installed or not.

Easy, quick, effective.

Google "free flash mp3 player", and you should find a million.

Good luck.

Re: How to play mp3 on web?

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Nothing has really changed since then.

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A sensible attitude, IMHO - you can't prevent downloads anyway, so why
lose sleep over it?

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A simple anchor is easiest:

  <a href="/foo/bar/baz.mp3">Play that funky music</a>

It will play in the user's preferred media player app, or if the user
has no music player app, it will download.


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