how to get relative links to work in a include file.

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all my pages have a menu of links on the left side.

i want to use a include file <!--#include file="" --> to hold the menu but i
am having a problem

here is my folder structure




now in page1.asp i include the links.asp file.

in links.asp there is a link like so

<a href="../foldA/foldAA/fb.asp">foldB</a>

now when i load page1.asp and click the link i get a file not found because
it is looking for the file at a place relative to page1.asp not to

is there a way i can do this? or do i need to put in the whole url for each
link in my links page?



Re: how to get relative links to work in a include file.

ok i have kind of resolved this - or rather got a work around for it.

if i create a folder on my live site called TEST ( or the same name of my
virtiual folder on my local pc) then i can use

<!-- #include virtual="test/inc/links.asp" -->

in any place and it will always get the file.

and i can use

<a href="/test/foldA/foldAA.fb.asp">

and it will link from any place.

just a bummer that i have to have my site within a folder

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