How to fix IE & its interpretation

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Hello Group.

I am trying to get me site out of frames as suggested by many of you.
I have managed this except for one tiny cliché in IE.

On all pages opened in IE, if I close them up, as with making the page
narrow by dragging the right side in., anything on the right side drops down
under the menu on the left side.
Mozilla, FF and Netscape are all fine and hold the page together nicely and
close up as should without distorting the layout.

I have posted both CSS and a demo index page here.

Just open index.htm up in IE, drag the right side in and you will see what
I mean ( I hope )
How may I fix the right side ( div.content ) to stay put  in IE

Any help would be appreciated, I have been going around in circles for a
week or so but nothing seems to work.

Many thanks

Re: How to fix IE & its interpretation

Jenny wrote:
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I swear this is answered at least once a week. Doesn't anybody ever look
through usenet archives? Even if you don't know the actual terms, just
searching for your same problem would probably give you the answer.

Go look up "IE broken overflow"

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Please reply to the group so everyone can share.

Re: How to fix IE & its interpretation

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Sorry first time I have posted in here, so I started with no previous
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Great, many thanks :)


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