How to fill the subject ??

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Hi !

This is my code :

 width="128" height="33" alt="Feedback" border="0">

I want to know if i can put an automatic subjet in that code.

i.e. When the visitor click on this button, his mail program
popup and he have to enter the subject and then the text.
I want the subject to be fill automaticly... It is possible ??
If yes, what should i do ??


Re: How to fill the subject ??

Mario wrote:
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No.  Every mail program (if the user even has one) is different.  You should
be using a server-side script, no a mailto: link.


Mark Parnell

Re: How to fill the subject ??

Mario wrote:

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There is a way:


HOWEVER (and that's a big however!) on some setups the subject will just
be ignored. On others, it will break the whole link. And on others the
user will still be given a chance to change the subject line. As Mark
said, best to use a server-side script to do this.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: How to fill the subject ??

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What if the visitor doesn't have a mail program?

Do this server-side. Nothing else will work consistently.

Andrew Davidson

Re: How to fill the subject ??


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For all of the aforementioned reasons, use a cgi script if you can. It
doesn't require any programming skill, just pay attention to the
instructions. You can get a script at /
which is secure. You might look in your root directory on the server
that hosts your web site to see if a cgi directory exists. If it
doesn't, create one, stick a script in it  then set the permissions to
755. Make sure you upload the script in ascii. The reason I bring all
of this up is I had a web host that wouldn't let me change
permissions! I switched to godaddy and found they had a ready
made/already installed  script that was easy to use beyond belief.
Having a form on your site as opposed to a mailto also about
eliminates spam too.

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