how to escape from frameset?

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I seem to have painted myself into a corner.
Here is my index.htm
<FRAME NAME="Frame1" SCROLLING=AUTO SRC="left01.htm">
<FRAME NAME="Frame2" SCROLLING=AUTO SRC="right01.htm">
(if you want to look: )
I use the left side for a sequence of menus.
I use the right side to display what a menu selects.

Everything was good until I tried to print a recipe
for bread pudding that was in the right window. It
did not print. So I decided to try something that I
have seen on other sites. It is a "PRINTABLE COPY"
window. Only thing, I am trapped. How can I
temporarily escape the FRAMESET stuff?


Re: how to escape from frameset?


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I'm sure others are going to tell you this, too, ad nauseum, but dump the
frames.  And with your page, reworking would be easy.  -2 basic columns,
100% height - easy...  :)

Here's a similar example with the addition of a top "logo":

(uh, PS:  It's _not_ a "beta" page; that's just the name of the folder.)

Infinity has its limits.

Re: how to escape from frameset?

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When looking at a framed page, you can almost always view the
frame you want by right-click (or on Mac, control click) then
"open frame in new window/tab". Then you can then print easily.
You could give this instruction to your visitors.


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