How to do horiz scrollbars?

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My pages look something like this:

Left Column   Right Column
-item------       ---right info--
-item------       ---right info--
-item------       ---right info--

Depending upon which page you view, either of the
left of right columns could be longer.

When the browser window is too narrow the browser
shows the right column of my page way down the
page, below the left column.

I would prefer it generate a horizontal scrollbar instead
but would prefer to not specify a certain number of
pixels for the right column width.

How can I force that to happen?  My target
audience is on PC's, not Web TV, phones or aural

The pages are done like this:

.header { font-family: arial,sans-serif; font-size: large; }
#leftmenu { width: 22ex; float: left; margin: 0; margin-right: 2px; }

<table border="0">
  <td><img src="header.gif" alt=""></td>
  <td class="header">Name of the Page</td>

<table id="leftmenu" cellpadding="0" border="0">
  --left column entries---

<table width="70%" align="right" border="0">
  --right column entries---

The entry page is

Or you can select any pages on the site from:

The style sheet is
(mylinks.htm uses style5.css.but the difference is trivial) is a redirector.  If you've problems with redirectors,
the actual locations are:

Yes, I know about the things below but have not figured out how to
deal with them.  If you've any suggestions I'd like to hear them.

money.htm and money2.htm pages don't validate. I haven't figured
out what to do to fix the forms.

money2.htm uses JavaScript and some people disable that.  I don't
know how to do a drop down menu without it.

Any thoughts or criticism on the site would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.

.  Ed
.  edmulroy at yahoo dot com

PS: I just noticed that width and height are not specified for the
header gif.  It's 200x25 and I'll be adding those items.

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