how to code   in UTF-8 ...??

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I've created a javascript file that inserts a nav bar at the bottom of a
page with a doc.write statement.  because some of my pages are multi-lingual
(ie, greek etc), when I use UTF-8 as content-type stmt, the non-breaking
spaces ( ) in my javascript statements show up as a series of
question-marks when rendered by IE6.

any way around this?

thanks for any comments...


Re: how to code   in UTF-8 ...??

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That sounds absurd, but it might actually be useful if your all pages
contain normal static links to relevant pages (such as upwards in
hierarchy, to a page that contains an index of pages). Then the
"navigation menu" on each page would not disturb people who are careful
enough to keep JavaScript disabled.

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Is your page actually UTF-8 encoded, and why do you use the entity
reference instead of the real no-break space character in _generated_
markup? And where is your JavaScript code? If embedded into HTML inside
a <script> element or in an attribute, then &nbsp; _might or might not_
be converted to no-break space by the browser in parsing, depending on
the browser used and HTML version.

In any case, you are creating unnecessary problems. If we knew the
original problem, which made you try to generate stuff client-side,
someone might suggest a simple, nice, and robust approach.

Yucca, /
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Re: how to code   in UTF-8 ...??

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of a
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"&nbsp;" in iso-8869-1 is exactly as same as it in utf8. Can it show
correctly in mozilla/firefox?

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