How to automatically change the current window?

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I've got a pop-up flash audio player for my site that auto plays when
the user clicks on a link.

It works fine the first time, but if the pop-up window is left open
(which it will be as people will likely be browsing whilst listening to
the audio) and I click on another audio link (or the same link twice),
it won't auto-play until I manually change to the pop-up window.  As
soon as I click on the pop-up window again it plays fine.

Is there anyway to tell the browser to switch to the pop-up that's
already open once the new page has been loaded in the pop-up (containing
the relevant player linked to the correct mp3) thus starting the audio?

I understand that it might sound annoying for the viewer of the site,
but the link explains exactly what will happen and gives more freedom to
the viewer to browse whilst the audio is playing in the pop-up.

An example can be seen here:

Click on the link and it will auto-play, click it again and it will stop
until the pop-up window is accessed.


Ah, this problem actually seems to be related to firefox specifically,
it works fine in IE.. any suggestions?

Many thanks,



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