How to adjust the height between two rows

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Hi, i have a table with multiple rows and i want to adjust the height of
theses rows. It's seem to be impossible to truncate them. This is my code I
want to have zero space between them
strText=strText & "<table width=""100%"" height=""5"" border=""0""
cellspacing=""0"" cellpadding=""0"">" & _
"<tr>" & _

"<td width=""" & intWidthMax & """&nbsp;valign=""top"" height=""5""
cellspacing=""0"" cellpadding=""0"" class=""typo"">"
if pobjAtelier.Id_article>0 THEN
if cint(session("ID_article")) = pobj.Atelier.Id_article THEN
strText=strText & "<a href=""" & pobjAtelier.url &
"""&nbsp;class=""typo2""><font color=""#990000"">" &
pobjAtelier.NomSousAtelier & "</font></a>"
strText=strText & "<a href=""" & pobjAtelier.url &
"""&nbsp;class=""typo2"">" & pobj.Atelier.AtelierName & "</a>"
strText=strText & pobjAtelier.AtelierName
End if

strText=strText & "</td></tr></table>"

Re: How to adjust the height between two rows

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It would help if you posted the HTML code rather than whatever
generates the HTML. Or better still post the URI of a page that
demonstrates the actual problem you're having because it is not clear
from the above description or the posted code what your actual problem

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A height of five pixels for the whole table? You're not going to fit
very much data in this table are you?

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That &nbsp; shouldn't be there. Non breaking spaces are content and
don't belong inside tags. There's a good chance that browsers will see
the above as width="XXX"&nbsp;valign="top" and will ignore the width
and/or the valign.

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cellspacing and cellpadding are attributes of <table> not <td> and so
do nothing here.

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Again you've include an non breaking space where one shouldn't be.

Why is the font element there? It's presence inside the anchor element
is only likely to do one thing and that is to screw up the styles
specified for the various link states.

You've specified that the table and the cell is 5 pixels tall but then
you put text inside the cell. Do you really expect the text to both
fit inside a 5 pixel tall box and to be legible?

I'd suggest that the first thing you need to do is run your HTML and
CSS through the validators and fix any errors reported. Then post back
here with a URI and clear description of your problem.


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