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   How do i add / implement streaming audio using a beta called Microsoft
"Expression"?  It's based upon Front Page 2003 and seems almost like
I've included an example based upon this link below.  This feature is "tiny"
in size and has an option to turn on or off the audio.  What I'd like to get
is something
where I can have multiple selections that the surfer can choose that of
course will load easily.  The example provided is by SoundClick and they
won't part with their


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W. K. Mahler wrote:
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This page has a Macromedia Shockwave stream in it. I don't know what
Microsoft Expression has to do with that. Anyway, if you want to know
how to let the user manipulate Shockwave embedded in a page, that's a
question best posed in a Macromedia forum or read about in their online
documentation on manipulating Shockwave with Javascript.

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Anyone remember "Sausage"?

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On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 15:27:37 GMT, "W. K. Mahler" >
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Yes.  In fact, after ten years of it, I've only just given up and
moved over to html-kit.  This is the closest I can get to HotDog in
My original moan about hotdog was its price, and it remains a moan. In
a world offering stuff like free html-kit, and free ftp programs, he
really needs to look at his pricing policy.  It's still expensive, but
as the site looks like he (or someone else) is on the case again,  the
range of goodies, and the memory of how comfortable I felt in it,
prompts me to trial the new version (the last time, everything was in
Just installed v7 and immediately run into the problem I had with 6.6
where, where inputting stuff after an html open angle-bracket, it
accepts only about 20 characters and then seizes, putting one
character at a time, slowly, to the screen. This also puts other
computer functions in limbo.
It's the only program that does this, I run spyware every day, and
everything incoming is automatically checked for viruses.


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On Tue, 05 Sep 2006 11:53:55 GMT,

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He hasn't responded in any way.  Sod him.  He's seen the last of my

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 I remember them, not a bad editor, just a little over priced

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