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can any one tell me how can i change color of links only when mouse hovers
the color of my links are white and on hover i want them to be red if any one
can give me the complete example i would be more than greatful


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You can set the link colour for

<a href="somePage.html">Some page</a>

with something like

a:link {color: white; background-color: black;}
a:visited {color: grey; background-color: black;}
a:hover {color: red; background-color: black;}
a:active {color: green; background-color: black;}

and you can set for focus (esp. for IE) too, but this may be more than
you want to know about.


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On Monday, July 30, 2012 3:31:28 AM UTC-7, dorayme wrote:
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Nice information you have shared dorayme.

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