How does pay per click system work?

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I am currently doing a pay per click system (like google Adsense).
I am wondering how is the pay per click process.
Does anyone have the idea?
Can it be done using php and javascript only?

Re: How does pay per click system work? wrote:
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I wouldn't use JavaScript. It can be switched off, so maybe a user
clicks  but the click isn't recognized because the user has Javascript
Perhaps you create a website which is opened when you click the add (I
guess it's an add??) and writes the click in any file or database and
then redirects to the page you want to display. this would only need
some server-side script, PHP for example. You can either use the
HTTP-referer to get the information on which website the add whcih was
clicked was or you send some information along with the URL.
Just an idea.
HTH, jojo

Re: How does pay per click system work?

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Any specifical reference into the PHP manual?

       Luigi Donatello Asero
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Re: How does pay per click system work?

If all you want to do is record clicks, you can do it with just plain

AdSense adds all sorts of complexity in an effort to make it harder to
mess with the ads while maintaining flexibility.  For instance,
consider the following code that you might see in another (pretty
basic) ad program:

<a href=""><img
src="" width="728"

That's fine, but you can't change it to simple text ads easily.  So
maybe you have users insert an iframe, but then someone decides that
they'd rather have an ad space that's 300x150, which makes your ads
look crappy.  And then 3 years later something way cooler than iframes
comes along, but you're reliant on the user to change the code on all
of their pages.  By using javascript to add the ad code dynamically,
they solve those problems and probably a lot of others.  They also
maintain more or less complete flexibility.

-Jeff wrote:
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