how do you do form colours?!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make my form look like this (I need to change the text box
and button colour) I also don't really want to use CSS mainly because I
haven't before

Thanx for any help

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Re: how do you do form colours?!

WeeNeR wrote:
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That sounds like "I'm trying to build a house, but I don't want to use
bricks and morter because I haven't before."

Use CSS - you'll be glad you did.

William Tasso -

Re: how do you do form colours?!

rf wrote:
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I think you are greatly underestimating many users; it's not as if all
of them are complete idiots. It's perfectly legitimate to change the
standard form elements such as buttons or text fields to blend in
smoothly with the design of your site, provided of course they are still
recognizable as such. The form at the provided page is clearly
recognizable as a form, and if there are users out there not smart
enough to recognize it as a form just because the elements are not the
standard boring gray buttons, I might not want them at my webpage in the
first place.

Nicolai Zwar
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