how do i rotate the text by 90 degree in CSS

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how do i rotate  the text in a table in html by 90 degree using one sscan reply ...asap

Re: how do i rotate the text by 90 degree in CSS wrote:

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You don't.

Could you please stop asking for replies 'asap'?
It annoys me.
(and Bush says you're not allowed to annoy me on Usenet ;-) )

This is not your helpdesk. (It could become your helpdesk if you pay
me though :P )

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Re: how do i rotate the text by 90 degree in CSS

Els wrote:
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So far as I know, you do not rotate images or text with basic html. A
question much like this one was asked in the comp.lang.javascript group
recently concerning rotation of an image. Apparently if you are
interested only in recent IE browsers, there are some IE filters that
can be used to rotate an image or a division containing images and/or
text by multiples of 90 degrees. Someone posted an old javascript that
caused images to twirl that might be adapted with enough work, but this
idea was not fully developed and it worked only for IE as written. If
you search comp.language.javascript with "rotate" and image" you might
find that thread.

I rotate images with PaintShop and then put them up on the web :-) .
Also there is a way to rotate the whole screen by 180 degrees on some
computers. A few years ago a lady asked for help in a NG because all of
her pages were upside down on her monitor. There was much discussion
about monitor adjustments and settings, but that did not help. It
turned out that the woman's children learned how to invert the display
at school. There was some obscure menu that allowed this. I thought
this strange at the time, but now I can see a possible use. For example
an InFocus DLP TV projector has a control to invert images. When the
projector is ceiling mounted, it is turned upside down so the controls
will face the floor. Thus the picture needs to be inverted.

Re: how do i rotate the text by 90 degree in CSS

In article

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I have a portrait monitor that pivots to landscape, there is
software to auto make the screen look "correct" (physically
triggered by twisting the screen). You'se all wanted to know this


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