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I have a set of links which I want search engines to crawl them, but I want
to disable them from my visitors, so I will ask the link owners to pay me to
let me enable them.

<a disabled href="#">bahbahbah</a>
Does not work, as it is still clickable. It only changes the color to grey.

Re: How do I disable a link? in

nntp wrote:

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You've got some silly ideas about your ability to control content once it has
been downloaded to a user agent.

*Before* I click on those "dead" links I simply right-click and pick "Open Link
in New Window" (or in my case "Open Link in New Tab"). I don't even need to
disable JavaScript to get around your "security".

Of course, your next question will be "how do I disable the right mouse
button?". Doesn't matter, even if you could disable the right mouse button
effectively in ever user agent, all the time (which you can't <url: />), I can click and hold with
the left mouse button, then hit the context menu key on my keyboard, then
choose "W" to "Open Link in New Window", "T" to "Open Link in New Tab" or "P"
to get the link properties which I can use to copy/paste the link back into the

So let's say you somehow manage to disable my context menu key. Still doesn't
matter, I can View > Source to obtain the links.

And let's get incredibly silly and somehow you could disable my ability to
right mouse button and my ability to do View > Source by removing all menus and
toolbars in a new window. It still does not matter, I can hit CTRL+N in
Internet Explorer and get a new window with full chrome pointing to the same

And even if you manage to disable CTRL+N so I can't do that. It _still_ does
not matter, I will just go to a command prompt and execute "wget <yoursite>",
or I could disable JavaScript and revisit your page.

However, I'm sure none of my information will deter you from trying to charge
for content that is as easily accessible as anything else on the Internet. If
that is the case, can I have the URL to your page? I'd love to take a look at
what you consider valuable enough to charge for.

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