How do i create "Sub-links" ?

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Hi Folks

How do i create "Sub-links" ?

Ex. if you write "netcraft" on Google

You will see that there appear some "sub-links"
That links directly to specific elements on the website

How do i make create "Sub-links" for my website ?

Hope you kan help my

C yaaaa - Kimo

:::::::::::::::::::::::. Dansih :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hej Venner

Nu er jeg ikke lige sikker p=E5 at jeg poster denne tr=E5d i den helt
rigtige gruppe.
Men jeg h=E5ber i s=E5 fald at i vil kunne linke mig videre til den
rigtige gruppe.

N=E5r jeg s=F8ger p=E5 Google, har jeg set visse websider
der indholder "Sublinks" el "Underlinks" - der direkte linker ind til
elementer til den p=E5g=E6ldene webside .

Eks.  Pr=F8v at s=F8g p=E5 ASE p=E5 Google.

I vil i s=E5 fald kunne se at linket der fremkommer
har nogle "Underlinks"

lidt a=B4la nedenst=E5ende

Mit sp=F8rgsm=E5l er nu. Hvordan laver man disse "Sublinks" ?
Det m=E5 vel v=E6re noget i META genereringen .. eller ?

Jeg h=E5ber i kan hj=E6lpe mig

Med venlig hilsen | Best Regards=20

Re: How do i create "Sub-links" ? wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

There are two ways:

<a href="#there">Read there</a>
<!-- some markup -->
<p id="there">This is the section you wanted to have linked</p>

<a href="#orThere">Or read there</a>
<!-- some markup -->
<p><a name="orThere">This is an anchor</a>,
which can also be linked to!</p>

Using the first method is easier and more common today, since you have a
simpler markup that way. Remember that while you may use numbers in 'id'
-attribute, you may not use them as the first digit.
You can also link to a specific part of the page from other page using
the same method:
<a href="otherpage.html#here">Interesting part on other page</a>

Re: How do i create "Sub-links" ?

Olli Mšntyranta wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think you've missed the point (or did I?).
AFAIK it's about a hit on google, which has several sublinks underneath to
different portions/subdomains/etc. on the site.
I wouldn't know how to tell Google this BTW :-).

It's not about html, so a bit offtopic, would
be more appropriate.
Rik Wasmus

Re: How do i create "Sub-links" ?

Olli Mšntyranta wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Oh, what a stupid way I wrote my answer. I hope you understood it
anyway. I put the stress on anchors INSIDE the webpage, which wasn't
actually what you were asking for. Pay attention to the last line I wrote.
Now I'll stop writing before I make things any worse, and start spending
the weekend.

vi er hvite ,vi er blŚe (?) vi er finske dynamit, or something like that...

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