How can you make a page refer to an image on another machine?

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My webserver (a Siteplayer) is sitting behind my Linksys router, with a port
forwarded to it on the router. The problem is this: how can I have the HTML
code in a siteplayer page, webcam.html, reference an image file video.jpg
which is located on another machine on my home network? ie, HTML code on the
siteplayer page webcam.html:

    <img src="//Constor2/shared/video.jpg">
    <img src="//">

will both display video.jpg fine as long as webcam.html is called from a
machine inside the router on the home net. But if I try to get to that same
Siteplayer page webcam.html from outside the router with a port forward,
like , the page comes up but there's no
image, just the box with the red x. How can I make the image display from
outside the router?

Is this impossible, or is there a clever way to code it so it'll see the
file on the other home-net machine? perhaps OBJECT embedding? Any advice
most appreciated!!

Thanx   DB

Re: How can you make a page refer to an image on another machine?

db wrote:

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The other machine on your network will need an HTTP server (although an
FTP server would do!) installed and then link to the image in the normal

<img src="" alt="Picture of my VCR">

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: How can you make a page refer to an image on another machine?

Since you want to make pics on your fileserver available to net users in
general, the server has obviously got to be _directly_ accessible from
outside. <object> has nothing to do with it, the problem here is referencing
the "inner" computer from outside

One way to do this is opening a port, say 9876 on your primary server and
then configure it in such a way that it transparently acts as a kind of
tunnel to the HTTP port (no. 80) of your fileserver. It's some pretty basic
redirection stuff, but can be a pain in the neck if you've never done
anything like that before. Search google on routing tutorials.

There may be simpler solutions, although I can't think of them.


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