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In my form, I need to allow users to select from a pop-up menu a long list
of product codes stored in the database (up to, say, 50000 records) and
display the product code's description immediately (without long delay) when
the user select a code so that the user can continue the input of other

Typically (e.g. for country list), this is done by the server generating
html <select> tag enclosing all the product codes.  However, if there are
50000 records, how can this huge list be downloaded to the browser
efficiently (without a long delay for dialup line)?  Is there any more
elegant way to do this?

Also, how can i display the product code's decription immediately (without
the long delay of making another request to the server) when the user scroll
through my product code list?

Re: How can this be done?

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Are you serious?

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You can't do that in HTML anyway, except in the sense of using a
title="..." attribute, which _might_ be implemented as a tooltip.

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It cannot. But the worst thing is making the user work with such a
monstrously long menu.

Why don't you simply let the user _type_ the product code?

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