how can I make them the same height...

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Hi Folk

I have another question relating to the float stuff discussed in a recent

In a table, two cells in the same row are usually of the same height:

[new div: clear both;]

but with Divs, they just go as far as they have to

[new div: clear both;]

where ... depict the background color in a TD and a DIV respectively?

I thought 100% would do the trick, or auto, or make the right-hand one
90000px and then set the overflow to hidden.  But NO, none of that did it
for me.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you

- Nicolaas

How can I, in css say that the right-hand DIV should extend as far as the
left-hand one does.

I thou

Re: how can I make them the same height...

windandwaves wrote:
One more thing I wanted to add....

If I have the following


Then how do I assure that they touch each other (i.e. one is beneath the
other, but I want to make sure there is a zero pixel gap between them).


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