How can I belive in this hosting

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I need a hosting, So I searched throughout the net and found many
companies that provides various hosting plans example .
They offer many plans but I also found that
offers an unlimited hosting (that means web space) with unlimited
bandwidth just for $1. Is it true. How trust If I get hosting from

please help me regarding this issue. OR suggest me the best host.

Thak you

Re: How can I belive in this hosting

personally i would be careful with this website.

the links at the bottom are all anchors, which leads me to think that it
might be a website still under construction. so the information listed in
there might be just some sample information that was inserted along with the
design of the website.

not to mention that the graphic on the right of the server boxes in the top
sounds like a default file coming when somebody purchases a design.

just my two cents.

feel free to send me an email if you need help regarding hosting.

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Re: How can I belive in this hosting says...
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I've said it over and over - if it looks too good to be true, then it

I would stay away from this host.

Re: How can I belive in this hosting

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Despite the copyright 2003 at the bottom of the main page, the domain name
was only registered in March 2007, and judging by its page-rank of 0 no-one
is linking to it. So, its a new startup. Best of luck to them, but I
wouldn't trust my site to an unproven company.

I suggest that for any host you look it up on to see what
other people are saying about it. If it doesn't get a mention then stay away
from it. If the host is unreliable then its money wasted (even if it is

Also, as others have said before in other threads, don't get carried away by
offers of unlimited hosting. Most sites only use a couple of MB at most, and
equally the bandwidth requirements of most sites must be very small.

Personally I use for my basic hosting, but I'm sure there
are cheaper shared hosts out there that others would recommend.
Brian Cryer

Re: How can I belive in this hosting

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Please cross-post don't multi-post. If you want to post a comment to more
than one newsgroup then cross-post, that way replies in one newsgroup will
appear in the other as well.

Multi-posting a message like yours could also give the impression that you
are spamming and trying to advertise the host rather than genuinely asking
for comments about them.
Brian Cryer

Re: How can I belive in this hosting

need hosting wrote:

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Frankly, I wouldn't trust them at all. First of all, the domain name was registered less than a month ago (Mar 28), which
tells me absolutely nothing about their experience, let alone their
reputation. And second, there is no such thing as "unlimited" in terms
of hosting. There's always a limit and/or a catch.

When it comes to bandwidth, the better term would be "unmetered".
Personally, I'd rather go with someone who either has a set bandwidth
transfer limit for each hosting plan, or that comes clean with the
"unmetered" label along with a clear statement that tells the customer
what it implies.

And when it comes to hosting space, sooner or later, you will run out.
There's no such thing as "unlimited" disk space. Even Google has a
massive array of harddrives linked together (for all of their services,
not just Gmail and for cache/search). It's not unlimited either, but
they always keep track of disk usage and imminent failures, adding and
replacing disks as needed. Judging by the amount of work needed just
for keeping up with disk usages (not account for disk failures at
first), $1 per month for so-called "unlimited web space" seems way
underpriced, and is bound to make that company collapse on itself in a
short time (even if they're just reselling space themselves).

Returning to the case of, there's also the case of
anchored links (#about_us, #services), which Steve pointed out, gives
the impression that the website is still under construction. The fact
that "Help" links to a page that only gives errors, the fact that
"Contact Us" links to a address and the fact that the page
has a "Sponsors" section (at all) that uses a AdSense-like banner
system don't add a great deal of confidence. Rather, they all remove
the small amount of confidence that was left after considering the
first two facts.

Even moreso, as Brian pointed out, the copyright notice showing the
year 2003 doesn't help much; neither does the obvious standard template
used the design, nor does the text "New way to host U R Site" in the
"logo" (to tell you the truth, it's not much of a logo anyway).

The nameservers used for the domain doesn't spell out
"trust us", either (ns1/, which in itself was
registered about 3 weeks prior to, and by the same
individual. The word "webtricker" tells me "we use the web to trick
people". That might not be their intention, but that's how I read it.

Last of all, when going through their order "process", I see that I get
to what appears to be a contact form, where you fill in your name,
address, e-mail, phone, domain name and hosting plan (all in text
fields, mind you), which ends with a "thank you" message (without as
much as validating the information I provided).

This page also tells me to point the domain to ns1/,
which appears to be registered by someone in Bangladesh, while is registered to someone in India and to someone with a PO box in Wanatah, Indiana (a small town
with a population of about 1000, according to my quick research). That
in itself isn't a warning sign, considering the smaller world we live
in today, but if they are closely affiliated or even part of the same
single business entity, they should've at least let the domains be
registered to that entity name (even if the addresses are spread around
the world, I mean).

To make matters worse, as of the time of writing this,
and don't point to anywhere.

All in all, I'd stay away from this "" deal. It's not
worth it.

Although I'd like to recommend myself for the hosting, I'm not yet
ready with an automated control panel or automated account setup, plus
I still have some challenges left with regards to accepting direct
payments. (Not to mention the fact that the hosting plans might need
some further adjustments -- suggestions about specifics are gladly

In the meantime, I think one of the deals at DreamHost
( gives a great value.

Kim André Akerø
(remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)

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