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Here's an easy one. I want a picture flush on the left margin of a page
with text aligned on the right side of the picture. The code
align="left" border="0" allows me to do that, but the text is too close
to the picture. I added hspace="5", but that obviously applies space to
both sides of the picture. Is there a way to add space to the right side

Re: Horizontal Spacing

mcp6453 wrote:

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Use CSS:
<img class="foo" src="..." alt="..."><p>bla bla bla</p>

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Re: Horizontal Spacing

Els wrote:
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I don't have access to the css file. Can I use inline css? The site is a
blog that accepts HTML.

Re: Horizontal Spacing

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I don't see why not.

<img style="float:left; width:100px; margin-right:5px;" src="..."
alt="..."><p>bla bla bla</p>

Replace the width above with the actual width of the image.

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Re: Horizontal Spacing

Mark Parnell wrote:
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It works perfectly. Thanks!

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