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Hi all,

I have developed a site and have a requirement to display hyperlinks.  While
on the conventional desktop screen this is fine but on the PDA it makes a
horizontal scrollbar for the longer links.  I was wondering does anyone have
a fix for this to make it to force wrap.  I have looked on the Google
results already but seem to be going round in circles and mixing the vital

Any help much appreciated.

Jonathan Tremlett

Re: Horizontal Scrolling Problem

Jonathan Tremlett wrote:
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You could attempt to force wrapping using <br> within the links (these
would occur at the same location on a desktop as well, however), but as
you've discovered wrapping policy is up to the user-agent and a page
author can't really compensate for bad program design. I presume users
of this particular PDA are used to this 'feature' however, and have
probably learnt to tolerate it, so don't worry too much about it.

Safalra (Stephen Morley)
http://www.safalra.com/hypertext /

Re: Horizontal Scrolling Problem


Thank you for your suggestion.  I do realise that users will probably
get used to their application but this is part of a university study.
However, I have done sometihng to fix this for my demonstration.

If anyone is interested I have described below:

Checks $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] to see if it contains "Windows CE".
If so then after 35 characters in thre string take a new line.  There
will be many different formats in the $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] value
but for my purposes I only have to show 1 example.

Hope this is useful for information.

Jonathan Tremlett

Safalra wrote:

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Re: Horizontal Scrolling Problem

Sorry this post was meant for the PHP newsgroup
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