Highliting of Key Word in text

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What HTML coding should I use to highlite just one key one in a

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Larry S.
Los Angeles, CA

Re: Highliting of Key Word in text

Larry wrote:

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I'm not sure what you mean by "one key". One letter? One sentence? Or an
explanation key? You could use <em>X</em> and set the em tag (stands for
"emphasis") via stylesheets to whatever you want it to look like.
If it shouldn't be an "emphasis" but rather a neutral highlighting made
for design purposes, I'd suggest using <span>X</span>. You could use
<span style="background-color: yellow;">X</span>, for example.

Nicolai Zwar

Re: Highliting of Key Word in text

lpsca@earthlink.net (Larry) wrote:

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Assuming "key" means "key word" as in the Subject line, <strong> is
normally best for highlighting. It is rendered in bold face by default by
most browsers. This is a bit of a problem, since bolding is not
typographically good for serif fonts. But you can suggest a serif font
(using CSS), or suggest a different method for hightlighting, e.g.

strong { font-weight: normal;
         background: #ffc;
         color: black; }

(I just realized this is something new to the discussion <strong> vs.
<b>, which isn't very fruitful in general. There's nothing illogical in
suggesting a different presentation for <string>. There's a lot of
illogical in suggesting that <b>, which means 'bold', be not bold.)

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No, that would be unfriendly since it would teach you bad habits. See

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