hiden var to another, from different forms how?

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ok, here is my problem: ready?

i have a table of multiple columns and 3 row, now on the mid row in last
right cell, i have a form, to do some update for a pic, (no problem here).
now, what am trying to do is making a multiple delete checkboxes, where when
i list all the records (which are basically the second and third row
i have a check mark on the far left , where i want to check so i can delete
one or more records, by pushing that top "Delete" word (or button) that i
mentioned earlier.
now the problem is i am not able to give the value of the checkbox to the
hidden value for the form where the Delete word is (or button),
so how can i give the value of the "checkbox" to the Hiden variable with the
Delete word (or button)?

Note: i can not envelop all the table with a form since i already have a
form in the far right cell . (that is why i mentioned it before)

so what can i do?

thanks all

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