Hide or show toolbar, menubar, etc. from body onload event?

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Just wondering if it's possible to code a webpage so it will hide it's menu
bar, toolbar, etc. when loaded.

I'm using this for a popup help system in an intranet web application.


Re: Hide or show toolbar, menubar, etc. from body onload event?

__/ [ Noozer ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 11:32 \__

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Do not do this. Use the space which you have for page rendering and make no
assumption about the Web browser used or manipulate peripheral objects. This
thing you are trying to achieve is a definite no-no, even if it can be
workable in one browser (guess which notorious one). Any attempt to
implement browser-specific attributes encourages monoculture and lack of
choice through unilateral off-the-edge extension (rather than reliance on

In general, any intervention with windows structure, size, decorations and
the like is highly annoying to the user *EVEN* if it has an effect (e.g.
Konqueror can have scrollbar colours manipulated /a la/ Internet Explorer).

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