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How can I keep the br (line break) tag from appearing in the web
browser's mouseOver tooltip?

I am using phpMyAdmin with MySQL for the database.
The sidebar for my Google mashup has a menu that pulls from the database
and I need to have line breaks for some of the menu items.
To see an example go to this address and mouse over the marker for
"Airport Clintonville"
Thank you, mar

http://www.waupacaareachamber.com/community-map-2 /

Re: Hide br tag in tooltip

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Your page seems never to fully load into any of my browsers,
spinning thing in tab, but when *looking* loaded in the viewport
itself, when I mouse over the microscopic text you mention (it's
ok, I used an electron microscope I keep handy), there is no

Anyway, there are various ways to simulate tooltips. I think the
way at


might be positioned in a way you might want?


Re: Hide br tag in tooltip

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I'm not getting a popup at all. Perhaps you've created something that
only works in IE?

Anyway, your original problem is most likely something you need to read
the phpMyAdmin docs for. I've never used that package, but it probably
automatically escapes anything that comes out of the database-- i.e.
turns < into &lt; etc-- as this is generally much safer. It may have a
way of turning that behaviour off temporarily.

Re: Hide br tag in tooltip

On 01/01/2012 06:16 AM, Ben C wrote:
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   I get it, you have to click the 'Airport Clintonville' hyperlink,
which will then load the map for that link. You will see a large balloon
popup pointing to a marker on the map. Hover over the marker and a
tooltip will popup with the <br> tags in it.

   Since the markers are a part of the map you must be sending this info
as part of the marker creation, you probably need to 'clean it up'
there. Probably something to do with the 'createMarker' function and the
title:name, name variables... I can't seem to wrangle firebug into
editing it though so just try to replace <br> in name with " " and see
if that does it.

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Re: Hide br tag in tooltip

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If you're using php server side to create this page then take a look at
the php function str_replace to remove that <br>:

str_replace("<br>"," ",$yourstring);

This should leave a space where the <br> tag used to be.

Obviously this all depends upon what this Google mashup is and whether
you can control how it receives that data. If it just pulls it directly
from the database then perhaps you're going to have to create 2 separate
fields. One for the left menu and one for the popup.

Pete Ives
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