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at the moment I'm working on my diploma thesis, my topic is HTML-Code
in emails. I should try to hide javascript-, vba- or html-code in an
email so that the addressee is not able to see it - the addressee only
sees the text.

My teacher would like to see what is possible over hidden html-/
javascript- or vba-code and whether it's possible to execute files or
whether it's possible to do any damage like viruses/Trojans with this
hidden code.

Does anybody have tips or helpful links/documents about this topic?

thanks in advance

Re: Hidden code in emails


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We will consider your request as an hidden one ..... nobody can see it
....If this is true, your teacher is a stupide teacher ...or he try to
be a spammer asking students to do the work for him :-(

Re: Hidden code in emails

In article <07a6d180-0fb8-464d-9a68-e4f68a2a7d53
@b64g2000hsa.googlegroups.com>, SeniiX@gmail.com says...
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You have an idiot for a teacher.  He/she should NEVER assign this, nor
allow a thesis on this topic.

Re: Hidden code in emails

Daniel wrote:
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Besides what everyone else has said, I don't even understand your
situation. It's like writing a diploma thesis on how to embed a
cross-browser Flash presentation in a web page or on how to get the best
results from roasting a pork shoulder. I mean, the explanations are out
there, they take a few paragraphs or a couple of pages to explain, and
then they're done. Copy and paste. It's hardly a thesis topic.

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