hi! working on hardware shop idea! i have a dilema

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really i never had an idea that i will be looking for an idea on how
to do a good webshop for hardware parts, and feeliing lucky and happy
all the time(yeah right!).

i have a trilema about what kind of shop to make, i know for
shopscript which is for free, without fees to a certain point where a
user have to make upgrades and so on.

I do like their basics, basis, and php solutions, but .php looks for
me somehow too complexed language for such a basic thing as i find
webshops are, ok speaking about regular-simple webshops without big
complexed implementations. (and a logo or a web adress of producer has
to be publicly eminent)

As i do have an idea which is consisted of complexed things; like i
would need to have a real-time number of products which are available
on storage-depot, and in the cases when there will be no available
products on storage-depot to state a 0 and to make a program to shoot
out the message something like "This product is no longer available on
the stock, please make an inquiry!"

So these things are consisted of several different program
languages...i really do not know what kind of lang would i use for
this kind of stuff, moreover, what do you suggest for maiking a shop ?

IS there some application like Dreamviewer is or something similar for
complexed systems like webshops are ?

Do you find .php combined with the html-css the most appropriate for
this kind of project?

What program lang. do key players  use for their breach to customers ?

The first question, is....how to start. where to start ?

is it ok to start such a big project with some kind of template which
has it's own developed functionalities ?

the higher and the most complexed things such as implementing currency
converting program-software, maintaing the whole webshop i would give
to someone else in the process...suspecting, an employee.

what else ? If you have some good solutions which are not someone
elses solutions i.e. finished shops with their names on it...some kind
of ideas...or advices

I do know roughly about what i want but really don't know am i capable
to make this.
Don't even know what complexities are awaiting for me in sucha an

thanks for reading me.
nice to see you again :)

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