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I'm developing a site for a hobby store that uses a Western (as in the
American Wild West) theme. I'm completely color-illiterate, and I'm having a
tough time picking a color combination to evoke the 'Old West' theme. I
think browns, tans, dark oranges, and deep reds might work. Putting them
together is the problem.

I like the color combos on this site:

but they're not 'Western' enough for me.

If anyone can suggest some Old West color combos for me, I'd very much
appreciate it!

By the way - the site will be content and e-commerce heavy, so the Western
colors should be more accent than ubiquitous.

Thanks again.

Re: Help with Wild West Colors

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I'd say *earth* tones, or natural colours of wood, soil and leather....For
text effects, some sort of burnt on or branded look would work well.....

Re: Help with Wild West Colors

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Just do a google search for Wild West or something similar and 'copy'
some of the colour schemes used in the sites that it throws up.


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Re: Help with Wild West Colors

pulphero enlightened us with:
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Besides the colouring, you might also try putting bullet holes in the
images on the site. Besides the woody brown, make sure you also
include brass from the bar in the Saloon.

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Re: Help with Wild West Colors

While the city slept, pulphero ( feverishly typed...

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Have a google on "westerns posters". This page came up there: - loads of posters from
classic Western movies, which should give you some inspiration. Yellow, red
and orange seems to be a recurring theme.

Hope that helps,

Nigel Moss
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